Friday the 13th Spectators, Coaches , Teammates and You

Friday the 13th ; I made the deliberate choice not to leave my house and it’s not what you think .

I chose to do so to prep for the full moon that was happening that night which is a part of my many spiritual self care practices .

The full moon is a great time to reflect on what’s been happening around and within us ; It’s also a good time to release those things that are no longer serving us and set intentions with what we’d like to see come to life .

Like everything else , I believe how you choose to do this decluttering is up to you . You should wany to practice things that resonate with your being.

I spent the day cleaning out drawers out of old documents , I cleared my closet out of clothing pieces that either didn’t fit or that I felt had their course with me , I did laundry , I readjusted my bookshelf and makeup station all while blasting some feel good music .

After I was done doing so I took a nice shower that followed by an Epsom salt and baking soda bath to release all the toxins outta me, all while smudgomg and remaining present in my doings .

When the night came in , I sat down with my journal and decided flow write ; I started up by jotting down everything I was grateful for and as silly as it may sound , the more I was pouring out the more came to mind . After I finished doing that I started my releasing list and this was a bit hard because it requires a shit tons of honesty from self ; I had to face the fact that , I was the main source of my own discomforts by over staying in either situations , relationships and places that no longer served my growth .

This made me think of a conversation I recently had with a friend who used an analogy that was rather interesting from an athletes point of view , I had expressed to him that I didn’t feel supported by my endeavors and he said “ as an athlete you have three things that are crucial to your game ; you have the spectators , coaches and teammates “ he went on to explain each as such ;

The spectators bring little to nothing to the players . Very early on you learn to detach from needing them to feel good , Your skills sets should not be dependent on them and their support has nothing to do with you ( surprisingly). One spectator might support you because of your skills , another is only there to support the team , another may there for the love of the game and another may know nothing about the game . You will have your die hard fans along with the bandwagoners ; either way they’re only there to watch and the spectators in your life may be your family , friends , acquaintances and or completely strangers .

Secondly you have the coaches which are a lot closer in proximity with the players but they never play the game with you . With the coaches , you know that no matter what they are on your side and rooting for you . They recognize your potential and even show you game to better yourself . They clap whether you win or loose . Coaches can be your parents , mentors , teachers

And even friends . The coaches have walked the path and in many ways can relate to you .

Thirdly you have your teammates and these are people that do have a direct impact on your win or loose . They feel you and feel for you . But even with our teammates we have to be aware that while the end goal is the same , the vision may be different . Some people are there for themselves ; one might want to be the mvp while another might be aiming to score the winning goal for their own personal glory .

Lastly we have ourselves ; you know your strengths and weaknesses , you know what works and what doesn’t , you come in and leave the stadium with yourself , whether you scored or missed that shot , you have to have that internal conversation on your own .

So I decided to use that analogy to put things into perceptive in dealing with relationships and situations in my life and it made everything crystal clear .

I walked way from that exercise feeling a sense of relief and weight lifted off my shoulders .

After doing so , I went on to set my intentions which I later read out loud then I drank a tall glass of water and broke my fast with some fresh fruits and called it a night .

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