Case closed

Five years ago everything changed .

Five years ago I marched into a police station to reclaim my voice and power .

Five years ago I was 22 .

For the past five years I’ve had to relive the most traumatic years of my life over and over to make sure my testimony was as authentic as possible while my memory felt like it was failing me .

Five years ago I made the choice to heal .

I don’t think theirs enough words to truly capture the ray emotions I have gone through for the past five years .

The last five years have felt like an outter body experience .

While my world felt like it was coming to an end , I still had to wake up and show up in relationships , friendships , work , society as if nothing was wrong .

On December 10th 2015 ,

I walked into a police station alone filled with sadness and fear . I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting as an outcome but anything was greater than the feelings I was experiencing at the time - anger , fear , hate , to mention a few .

For the first time I shared the truth ; I had been assaulted and mistreated . Made to spend part of my childhood and entire teenage years with a predator . A predator that was given a seat at the table by family .

Nothing could’ve mentally prepared me for the emotional turmoil followed by my decision .

I walked this journey completely alone .

I was questioned , doubted and ridiculed by family members .

The whole matter was simply too much of a burden to have any of my friends carry the weight with me but shootout to the ones that did silently hold my hand by creating a safe space for me to simply be .

On one end of the spectrum , I experienced moments along the way that had me questioning my sanity and on the other hand I got inspired to create a space to for people like me - Survivors .

On October 22nd 2018

I had the choice to go over my testimony - I didn’t .

I faced the predator that tried to take away my sanity and spoke my truth - alone . That was my victory , facing a demon head on without fear . That’s all I needed .

Two weeks ago , life was looking real shaky; I’m a strong believer that every goodbye has a hello on the other side so I rode the wave of pain alone and sure ‘nough God came through for the kid .

Today I received an email saying that the case has come to a close - Justice has been served , nothing and I mean nothing could ever make what happened ok but when I look back at it - IT WAS NEEDED AND WORTH IT FOR MY HEALING . . Today I also signed my new lease in a city that I share a wonderful love story with , a city that demands for me to explore and utilize my strength.

I took a deep breathe of relief not because I cared about the outcome but because the journey brought me to my calling . The journey thaught me tons of lessons that I will be taking with me throughout this life time . The healing has been IN the journey .

So why did I do it ? Why did I report him 10 years later ?

I did it for all the women and men that came before me in my lineage that didn’t think they could speak up .

I did it for my kids , their kids and their kids kids too .

I did it for my 5 , 7 , 11, 18 and 27 years old self .

I did it for the survivors that live to share their story because we survived to thrive .

Ps : Healing looks , feels and is different for all of us but man is it a journey . The road is ongoing but I think I’m getting a hang of it .

Cheers to new beginnings ,

Cordie Mundele ( Founder )

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