"If I knew better, I’d do better" ... Well here’s your chance

You’re not the victim and you’re not the predator.  You may have not been there when it took place but you see it’s effect and that leaves you wondering  how you can help? 

Here at Centre Libikisi we offer a safe space for our allies where they can learn to support, advocate and prevent. 

We completely understand that you want to help and may not know how, so with Libikisi Allies we give you chance to come at whatever level you are and meet you along the way to ensure that you’ll get: 


  • knowledge; required when it comes to rape, sexual assault, rape culture  and consent, 

  • Awareness; varying from personal level to societal  (dealing with friends, family members or complete strangers),

  • Skills set practices; by participating in on going workshops. 


No judgement zone. All are welcome. All ages, gender and race. 

Become an ally.


Increase your knowledge about rape, sexual assault, rape culture  and consent


Understand how to deal with friends, family members or complete strangers

Skill Set Practices

Participate in on-going workshops and learning sessions