My journey started in Kinshasa where I spent the first few years of my life before moving to Toronto. I've been here for the majority of my life now and identify it as my home away from home. 

Truth be told; I’ve been on this road of becoming and unbecoming but, no matter how far I wandered or how much I wanted to deny it - every single experience has always led me back to myself. My stay in Canada has unfolded in such a precise manner that, I know whatever hell I walked and heavens I experienced were both equally needed for my growth.

What I once thought was what made me a mess turned into the message I needed to find my calling and that would be aspiring to inspire others by intentionally living my truth in a society where “Truth“ is deemed as universal. I allow myself to question the unquestionable, dig deeper than the surface level, and live my life as freely and authentically to me. By doing so I hope it creates a space to encourage those I encounter to do the same. 
While I recognize that, we all have different journeys and I stand firm in the belief that we all travel different roads to reach the same destination. I believe in acknowledging differences to promote respect and boundaries and celebrating similarities to create a community. 

Centre Libikisi is what I needed most in my healing and couldn't find. After what felt like the longest internal battle, I decided to create this space as a fulfillment to the promise I once made to myself - I am allowed to be both a masterpiece and work in progress, and I do not need to be whole to inspire others.


Cordie Mundele


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